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Crack The Safe GCSE Maths Algebra Worksheets


27 GCSE maths worksheets + answers covering quadratic equations, factorising, formulae, etc. Solve maths problems to get a code and then unlock the safe.

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This bundle includes 27 separate worksheets (and answers) covering quadratic equations, factorising, formulae, and much more. Students must solve various maths problems and use the answers as a code to unlock the safe. These have questions with a choice of potential answers (more than the number of questions to avoid answers by elimination). These are designed to allow students who are confident to get on and self-check answers (if their answer doesn’t appear they have made a mistake)whilst the teacher can help those who require it. These can be used as starters, plenaries or the main task and can generate discussions. They are all available individually.

Topics included in this bundle:
Algebraic Fractions, Completing The Square, Differentiation, Equations Of Curves, Equations Of Lines, Expanding A Bracket, Expanding Three Brackets, Expanding Two Brackets, Factorising Into One Bracket, Factorising Quadratic Expressions, Functions, Gradient, Inequalities, Rearranging Formulae 1, Rearranging Formulae 2, Sequences, Shading Regions (Inequalities), Simplifying Expressions, Solving Inequalities, Solving More Than Two Step Equations, Solving Quadratic Equations, Solving Quadratics That Will Not Factorise Nicely, Solving Simultaneous Equations 1, Solving Simultaneous Equations 2, Solving Two Step Equations, Substitution Into Formulae, Transforming Functions

This resource bundle contains:

  • 54 docx files

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