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Statistics GCSE Maths Codebreaker Worksheets


25 GCSE maths worksheets + answers covering data, statistics and probability etc. each with a codebreaker activity that reveals a (usually bad) joke.

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This bundle contains over 25 GCSE maths worksheets with answers covering data, statistics and probability. Each worksheet is a codebreaker activity where students solve maths problems to reveal a (usually bad) joke.

A little taster:

What do you call someone with no shins?


I wonder if that made you chuckle a little or roll your eyes…

Topics included in this bundle:
Average and Range, Bar Chart, Averages, Box Plots, Cumulative Frequency, Discrete Data, Distance-Time Graphs, Domain and Range, Error Intervals, Frequency Diagram, Frequency Polygons, Frequency Tables, Generating Coordinates From Equations Of Lines, Generating Points On Curves, Gradients Of Lines, Grouped Data, Histogram, Interpreting Box Plots, Interpreting Cumulative Frequency Graphs, Midpoints, Pie Chart, Pie Chart Sectors, Quadratic and Linear Simultaneous Equations (Graphical), Scatter Graphs, Speed-Time Graphs

Try out the free Bar and Pie Chart Codebreakers to see if you like the style.

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I hope you find this resource helpful!

-Andy Lutwyche

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